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October 08 2015


April 25 2015


Hey, cosplay friends!  My cos-mate and I are working on some patterns for cosplayers.  Our first pattern may or may not be a fuku/sailor blouse (winkwink).  But we need a little help.  We want to make sure everyone who wants to use our patterns can.  

So, little ones, what’s your underbust/rib cage measurement?  Is it smaller than a 26?  If it is, tell me!  

Cuddley plus-sized ones, what’s your underbust/rib cage measurement?  Is it bigger than a 40?   If it is, tell me!

Thanks so much for your help.  Additional comments would be awesome.

Answer here, or drop me an ask?

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Why, no, that’s not my cat sitting on the grading notes I’m trying to work from.

April 24 2015


I’m feel like I’m getting sick again.  >.<  I was already sick most of January and February with the flu.

So, I’m treating myself to the best dinner my local Korean supermarket has to offer: salmon sashimi, kimchi cucumbers, radish sprouts, and beer.  That should help me get over a flu, right?

April 18 2015

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He’s purring so loudly right now. I’m glad you’re happy, cat.

April 17 2015

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Again, with this ruffled collar thing.  In the artwork, there’s a white line of trim right on the edge of the collar.  But then there’s a thin line of black/dark purple outside that white line and my cos-mate and i have spent, like, an entire quarter of an hour debating whether that little black/purple line is just the outline of the drawing or if the white trim is set in from the edge.  Neither of us can really tell.  We’re both inclined to say that the white trim is on the edge, but this artwork is actually fan art of some well known characters and their trim is definitely set in from the edge of the collar.

I’ve decided it’s on the top edge of the collar for practical purposes.  This collar stands up, so both sides of it are visible, depending on which part of the neckline you’re following.  

I tried a couple trims.  At first I thought beading would be the way to go; there’s beading in other places.  But the tatted lace looks so much better.  It’s more delicate, more interesting, and has more texture.  This tatting is regular sewing thread done with a beading needle.  12 knots per arch, spaced 1/4″ apart.

April 16 2015

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So, there are these ruffled, stand up collars on our up-coming costumes.  They’re super cute; they’re half of why I want to do these costumes in the first place.  

Even though I was pretty sure how I was going to make this collar, I still wanted to do a test run.  I wanted to see how sheer the organza would be doubled up and pleated.  I wanted to make sure the pleats would stand up on their own; if they didn’t, I wanted to know early on so I could figure out how to make them. I wanted to test the width and spacing. 

And mostly, I just love making cartridge pleats.

As I was pleating, I was really glad I was doing a mock up because there were so many things that I might want to change for the final version.  I might want to heat-set the pleats for the entire width of the collar.  I might want to make the pleats wider. or shorter.  

But now I think this is exactly what I want for the collar.  The pleats are 1/4″ wide.  They look dainty, but the base is still wide enough for the collar to stand up.  It’s 4″ high at it’s tallest.  There’s no concern about it flopping around.  And it’s so pretty and fluffy.

April 15 2015

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Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa.  2015 Sakuracon.

Photo by 5Rabbit Photography

April 12 2015

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After two lovely weeks of cosplay and Sakuracon, Paisley’s

April 08 2015

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Paisley’s giant lump of a cat is only hanging out with her because she’s been away at Sakuracon. #cats #thatsnotcosplay

April 06 2015

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Late Sunday afternoon, Paisley _finally_ found another #Celestia at #Sakuracon . @soudasoda , is this you? #cosplay #danganronpa

April 02 2015

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Welcome to the next installment of Paisley makes a tailored jacket for her cosplay. #sewing #cosplay #tailoring #celestia

March 31 2015

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Paisley’s #Celestia curls are looking great. She’s totes ready for Sakuracon . #cosplay #wigmaking

March 22 2015


The pattern for my Celestia cosplay has turned out quirkier than I was expecting.  I’ve got darts in kinda odd places on both the jacket and shirt.  Both garments go past the waist without a seam, so I had to rotate the rest of the darts somewhere.


This is what my jacket front looks like after rotating the dart from the shoulder to the neckline where the collar meets the lapel.  The lapel extension and collar are at the top.  This totally wouldn’t have occurred to me, but I saw it in my book and it totally makes sense.  This way, most of the dart is hidden behind the lapel. The only tricky thing is that you have to draft with the dart somewhere else, and then move it to the neckline after you’ve drafted the collar and lapel so you know where they meet.  And then you have to rotate it again for the facing.


For her blouse, I put the same section of dart at the center bust.  There were lots of places I couldn’t put it.  The bust seemed the best place to put the dart, since Celestia has a tie and this’ll give it some space to lay.  Fortunately I was smart, and had traced off the center front before I did any dart rotation, so it was super easy to draft the placket.

We’ll see how good these ideas are in a few days when I sew everything up.

March 10 2015

things i should be doing:
- working on my celestia cosplay for sakuracon
- making bowties 
- re-organizing my workspace
- finding a new job

things i'm actually doing:
- knitting
- watching hawaii five-o
- playing online games
- taking photos of my cat

February 28 2015

oh my gaaawd.  i'm buying bowtie hooks by the gross now.

February 27 2015

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Making bow ties!

This is, like, the first thing I've made in the last two weeks.  I was sick.  But I was also so incredibly tired.
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